Every little thing You’ve Ever Wished to Know About Physique Hair


As in your lips, we don’t develop hair there as a result of our lips are made up of “a distinct kind of cell,” as they’re thought-about to be an extension of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, says Mariwalla.

The Historical past of Physique Hair Removing

If having hair is so essential to the operate of our our bodies, why have we been eradicating it for lots of of years? Nicely, we have now nobody accountable however ourselves. “We now have, by way of communication with each other, established a globalized follow of eradicating hair to make girls particularly look very clean and have baby-like pores and skin; and for males to retain their physique hair,” says Jablonski. “We are inclined to suppose, ‘Oh, these indicators are very historic. These practices are very historic.’ They don’t seem to be. It is a fairly latest obsession.” Jablonski estimates the follow of physique hair elimination began about solely 500 years in the past.

Whereas fashionable societal requirements of what femininity and masculinity are nonetheless very a lot linked to hairiness or lack of hairiness, we’ve begun to see a shift within the acceptance and normalization of physique hair, thanks partially to social media, which has even helped us have a good time physique hair for the primary time. (Keep in mind #freeyourpits?)

“It is actually great when folks study these social norms and say, maintain on, who began this? It is a bunch of nonsense,” says Jablonski. “They usually understand, ‘Hey, I is usually a lovely particular person in and out with out following these practices.’ It’s tremendously liberating.”

That sense of celebration appears to be extra prevalent than ever earlier than, as we’re living through a pandemic, which has put bodily interactions between folks on pause. Due to this, lots of the performances we put on for others, like physique hair elimination, have turn into one-woman exhibits, with one-woman audiences.

“So then you definately understand, in your coronary heart of hearts, it is a waste of time,” says Jablonski. “‘Why ought to I take this time to do that factor that’s socially acceptable and permits me to cleave in the direction of a social norm? I am doing simply nice.’ Folks really feel loads of freedom now.”

Varieties of Hair Removing

After all, in case you do select to take away your physique hair — and that’s nice too! — relying on the placement of the hair, there are a selection of strategies that can get the job executed, says Mariwalla.


For starters, there’s shaving, the act of eradicating hair with a razor. While you shave the hair in your physique (usually on the legs, underarms, and face), you’re eradicating hair from above the highest layer of pores and skin, says Mariwalla. She recommends shaving with a cream or gel to maintain the pores and skin hydrated. “The method of shaving is sort of like exfoliating that high layer of pores and skin,” she says. “So, it is like a two for one.”


Tweezing, then again, pulls the hair instantly from the follicle. “When you consider a hair follicle, it is just like the little home that your hair lives in,” explains Mariwalla. “Any time you pull a hair from a follicle, it is all the time going to develop again.” Nevertheless it’s going to take longer than whenever you solely take away it from above the pores and skin.

Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing and sugaring use the identical mechanism as tweezing however with heat substances (i.e. wax and sugar) that sit on high of the pores and skin and across the hair to coax it out of the follicle. “It’s a course of that’s making an attempt to heat the pores and skin, in order that the hair follicle opens up a bit bit and the wax solidifies across the hair,” says Mariwalla. “While you take away the wax… you mainly rip the hair out of the follicle as you are doing it.”

Depilatory Cream

There are additionally depilatory lotions. “As a substitute of grabbing onto the hair and pulling it, you are placing on a chemical that is dissolving the hair on the root,” explains Mariwalla. “So then you definately mainly then simply wipe it away.”