Dip Powder and Gel Manicures Appear Comparable However Are Wildly Completely different


Dip powder manicures typically last more than their gel counterparts. To present you a way of simply how sturdy the hardened dip powder formulation is, Deborah Lippmann, manicurist and founding father of the namesake nail-care and shade line, explains that “dip powders are bonded utilizing a glue known as cyanoacrylate, which can be the principle ingredient in Krazy Glue.” To get extra particular, cyanoacrylates are “a household of sturdy appearing adhesives,” explains Robinson. Dip powder could be regarded as a glue-based resin that hardens when uncovered to air (identical to, you guessed it, precise glue).

Merely put, dip powder polymers are stronger than these present in gel polish, and, subsequently, dip manicures will typically last more — as much as 5 weeks, if correctly cared for.

Backside line: Gel manicures sometimes final between two to a few weeks, whereas dip powder manicures can final for as much as 5 (with correct prep, utility, and upkeep).

3. Removing course of

The acrylic-like, multi-layered (re: thick) nature of dip powder manicures can make sure that they last more than gel, nevertheless it additionally means they’re harder to take away.

“General, gel polish is far simpler to take away than dip powder,” King explains. “They each have to be soaked off, however dip powder will take longer.” For each gel and dip powder, you will need to pencil in not less than half-hour — both on the nail salon or at residence — to get the job completed. 

The removing processes for each are comparable in nature. First, the highest layer of polish is gently sloughed off with a rough nail file, then the nails are soaked in an acetone answer. For gels, this may be completed through acetone-soaked cotton balls, nevertheless it’s essential to soak fingers straight in a bowl of acetone to remove dip powder; sometimes your nails will have to be submerged for between 10 and 20 minutes.

Backside line: Due to its thick, multi-layered, and acrylic-like nature, dip powder takes longer to dissolve and take away than gel polish.

4. Potential injury to nails

Impatience through the removing course of can lead to nail injury with each gel polish and dip powder. “Each manicures have the potential for damaging your nail beds, particularly within the removing course of,” Lippmann explains. “Lots of people get impatient with the period of time that it takes for the gel to dissolve, they usually find yourself pulling the polish off, which finally ends up damaging the nail.”